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La version finale des présentations de la conférence est disponible sous forme d'archive : chemom2019_presentationsZIP.

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Ci-dessous la liste des présentations par ordre de passage lors de la conférence (ND = Non Disponible) :


Jean-Michel Roger Jean-Michel Roger Le mot du comité d'organisation logo_pdf

SESSION Statistique multivariée

Brown Steven Steven Brown Some Perspectives on the History and Sociology of the Chemometrics Revolution logo_pdf
Douglas Rutledge Douglas Rutledge ComDim-ICA : a procedure to perform Multiblock Independent Components Analysis logo_pdf
Mohamed Hanafi Mohamed Hanafi Canonical representation of multiblock methods logo_pdf
Jean-Michel Roger Jean-Michel Roger SO-COVSEL: A new method for variable selection in multiblock data logo_pdf

SESSION Traitement et analyse de l’image

Ludovic Duponchel Ludovic Duponchel Randomised SIMPLISMA: What was old, is new again ND
Cyril Ruckebusch Cyril Ruckebusch The why and how of image processing constraints in MCR-ALS of hyperspectral imaging data logo_pdf
Sébastien Gourvenec Sébastien Gourvenec From Chemometrics towards data driven approaches ND
Antoine Laborde Antoine Laborde Subpixel detection of peanut in wheat flour using near infrared hyperspectral imagin logo_pdf
Ana Herrero-Langreo Ana Herrero-Langreo Using spatial information to evaluate regression models for hyperspectral imaging: geostatistical indices ND
Aline Stella Aline STELLA Estimation of penetration profiles with unsupervised unmixing approaches in Raman spectroscopic imaging ND

SESSION Méthodes avancées

Dominik J. Winterauer Dominik J. Winterauer Blind linear hyperspectral unmixing with bounding hyperplanes logo_pdf
Alice Croguennoc Alice Croguennoc Comparison of Machine Learning methods for spectroscopic data analysis: how to tune Support Vector Machine models for spectroscopic quantitative predictions logo_pdf
Lyes Lakhal Lyes Lakhal Classification of raw meat based on their sensory and mechanical features by multispectral images coupled with multi-layer feed-forward neural network trained with back-propagation algorithm logo_pdf
Philippe Bastien Philippe Bastien Use of Sparse Methods in Cosmetics : Application on the impact of chronic pollution on Chinese women. logo_pdf

SESSION Sciences pharmaceutiques et médicales

Anna de Juan Capdevila Anna de Juan Capdevila The many faces of Chemometrics in the PAT world ! ND
Raffaele Vitale Raffaele Vitale Tuning the significance level of SIMCA models for reducing the impact of strong class overlap: a novel approach. logo_pdf
Michel Thiel Michel Thiel Comparison of chemometrics methods for the spectroscopic monitoring of chemical compounds in pharmaceutical processes logo_pdf
Laureen Coic Laureen Coic Authentication of falsified medicine tablets by handheld Raman spectroscopy class modeling logo_pdf

SESSION Chimie, biologie, biochimie et sciences du vivant

Maxime Ryckewaert Maxime Ryckewaert Predicting maize yield of new varieties from known varieties with temporal-spectral data using multibloc-analysis ND
Alexandre Mallet Alexandre Mallet Study of rehydration of different organic substrates by means of near-infrared spectroscopy and signal de-mixing techniques logo_pdf
Lorraine Awhangbo Lorraine Awhangbo Analyse multi-bloc pour le suivi de la méthanisation. logo_pdf

SESSION Métabolomique, protéomique, génomique fonctionnelle

Roy Goodacre Roy Goodacre Metabolomics by numbers: lessons from large-scale phenotyping ! logo_pdf
Santiago Codesido Santiago Codesido Network PCA – a versatile multivariate tool for exploring data structures in metabolomics logo_pdf
Julien Boccard Julien Boccard Stratified subsampling for effective removal of batch effects in metabolomics: application to endocrine disruptors screening logo_pdf
Francesc Puig-Castellvi Francesc Puig-Castellvi Unraveling the microbial community interactions in anaerobic digesters with Common Components Analysis logo_pdf
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